Engineering at RolePoint

Working in small autonomous teams to architect and create the best solutions to complex problems.



Creating a product not only for millions of job seekers, but employees and companies looking for great talent means balancing complex enterprise-level systems, with amazing end-user experience.


Leading the way technology should be built in our industry by solving hard problems with speed, scalability, and considered architecture. We’re focused on shipping technology that has a genuine impact on the world’s largest organizations.


Learning and developing alongside each other, ensuring every team member brings new ideas to the table to impart on our technology and creating opportunity to develop others.

The Right Way

Developing and architecting in the right way, not the easiest. By ensuring code integrity, security, frameworks, scaling, documentation, reviews and more, we’re focused on building better solutions that the accepted status quo.


Taking pride in what we do, what we’ve built and those around us. Regularly sharing achievements with the wider team is a core part of life at RolePoint.

Engineering at RolePoint means working on projects that can help you learn and develop your knowledge whilst creating applications that make a difference. By having a fluid movement between projects, engineers are able to contribute their best to each product.

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